UNIX History

Operating Systems:-
Operating system is the program which manages the computers or super computers (hardware) which interfaces application user to computers or hardware. There are multiple Operating System are available based on usages. Here are some examples Mainframe Operating System, Windows Operating Systems, UNIX Operating Systems, LINIX and True 64 and so on.
Computer components are Operating System, Hardware, application and user programs. Deep down to the hardware the hardware is tightly coupled component such that CPU, Memory and I/O devices. If you look at the Operating System as a user point of view which is interfacing through shell interpreter, system point of view Operating System is the interface which allocates the resources to programs or the applications. Operating System is the complex entity which has lot of integration, the small components are integrated together to deliver the operation.
Some of the important Operating System management
1) Process Management
2) Memory Management
3) File-system Management
4) I/O Management
5) Networking
UNIX History:-
The birth place of UNIX is the same AT& T Bell labs it’s been developed by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. The UNIX is designed for multitasking, multiuser and time sharing (CPU dispatch cycle) which made UNIX to be standstill. The idea has come to the programmers who are working in the development they want to share the developed program & software’s to their co-worker. Late-on, UNIX operating system used for Power Computers (servers), workstations and mobile devices. Moreover the UNIX operating system works as client server model.
UNIX Components:-
Kernel is the master control of the operating system. UNIX operating system written in C and assembly language the source model is closed some of the UNIX BSD and Illumos are open sourced. UNIX being interacted by command line another on is graphical ( X Windows System ). The UNIX Operating system has seven different types of files and each file type has the special features.
The know file with is ordinary file which starts with “-“ and another one is “d” that is directory file “l” Symbolizes that for symbolic link files “p” Symbolizes for the named pipe file which works closely with inter process communication , “s” denotes for socket files which do connect or communicate with two process , “b” denote for device special file which has two types one is character device file another block special file and “D” is door file which works for inter process communication between client and server.
The UNIX system has many components which tightly coupled together. The components are kernel, development environment files, library files, and documents and compiled binary.

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