Playing Chess

Article about how chess will change my life. Being a chess player make me strong, failure, successor and calmer.

I just give the introduction about me before talking about chess and also I am not going talk about how to play chess instead of telling how chess playing make me different and calm to analyse the each problem in my professional and personal life

One real time example of playing chess is I am writing the blogs for professionals.

Who ?

I am Vinothkumar Sekar from chettithirukonnam and this is my village in Tamilnadu. Hope this introduction enough for me.

Why chess ?

I am playing chess from 2015 to still now. I am very much familiar with one minuet chess, previously, I played for ten minuets and five minuets . Totally, I played twenty thousand (20,000+) online chess game with  200+ country.

I am always following one strategy to knock out. I am very much familiar to kill opponent in my 3 or 4th move. If I move the queen after 4th move the game is mine.

I will not start the game once timer start, I will wait for 10 seconds and play for remaining 50 sec in 1 minute’s timer game to optimize the time.

How the following are help in my personal and professional life,

My manager always tells me you don’t have the presence of mind. You are always in familiar . So, I want to resolve this problem to sustain in this field. I need focus and start playing chess like monster and fails continuously and again fails continuously and finally, I develop my unique way of playing that make me winner. The same way I am following in my personal as well as professional life.

Personal life,

Managing the relationship is very important in life. The problem will raise by,

Money, Trust, Miscommunication and etc.

Here how chess will help me to resolve this, it just make me calm and accept the failure and make me expectation less. And make the solution ready for the feature and it will help once again the problem raise.

The main and important thing in Professional life is presence of mind. My Manager always tell me don’t thing about your personal issue once you are in office and start working and I used this sentence as mantra and every day I am following the same. Even I will not take phone in office while it come from home. I will usually speak evening once reach the room.

Professional life,

By playing chess I improved my focus and time optimization, and it will help to handle my professional life.

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