Hi people, this is not only for (Permanent Account Number)pan card this is for all type of documents from government. Everyone facing experience in government issued cards. There are so many going on now a days.

Two years before exactly at 2021 mid of your I facing one issue with duplicate pan card which allocated to me wrongly as well as it is already linked with AADHAR. Due to this I am facing issues like I unable to link my PAN with AADHAR. And I found solution is needs to write and submit the request letter to Income Tax Office along duplicate PAN card. I did the same. But, I am not getting any response.

Wait for more than 6 month and I visited the Income Tax Office they check and told me we missed and suddenly they asked me where is the proof. I got shocked because I don’t have any hardcopy or softcopy request letter. So, do you know what is next step, again I write and submitted the letter at mid of 2022. I waited same for 3 to 4 months and no response. Again I went and ask the response and details. This time they directly ask me the proof. But, I am clever right from my last experience, I show the photo of the request letter from my mobile. But, the next question is where is the government seal in your letter, got shocked. Finally, some what I manage and got this details from officer, this is from software side issue they unable to delete.

Why I am telling this story, Let’s come to the point. When you are face like these issues please follow these steps,

  1. If you are going to submit like this request letter, first ask the government seal on your request letter and take softcopy as well as hardcopy
  2. Once submitted your request letter to the office, get the details how many days it will take and visit if the days are crossed which they are mentioned
  3. Final and important things If it not going properly like me, because for me it is taking more than 2 years go and approach higher official. Write your issue and submit your issue to public grievance.


There are so many online portal is there for apply/ modify your government related document and some of the important document required digital signature. In this case you should not use online application forum in your own instead of go and check and apply in proper shop which they familiar with these types of issues

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