How Android devices are secure from most of the hack and malfunction

As the customer/ consumer we should know about following to protect the device from the hack and malfunction. This is article about common understanding of Android USB debugging in development and production.

Every manufacture /vendor trying to product from the device from the hackers as well as from malfunction. There are so many ways to hack the device. The very easy and simple way hacking is USB debugging. USB connection is easy to read and write from the device or vice versa. But anyway, we know that these scenarios. Then how the manufacture of the Android Operating system protects from hack and malfunction.

Basically, there are two types of build variant is there. One is used for development and it is less secure and another one is for production and it is more secure. Basically, android devices are access by USB debugging mode generally called Android Debugging Bridge (ADB).

3 types of build variant,

  1. Userdebug build
  2. User build
  3. Eng build

Userdebug build

This is the common build variant to build the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This type of build variant used for product development. These type of build variant is don’t have boot time optimization, less secure and USB debugging as well as remaining secure functionality by default it is enabled.

We can see board files, we can mount system partition as read and write as well as we can customize/configure by replace the files. This operation is possible by root access which is enabled by developer

User build

These types of build variant is used to build final Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for production once userdebug related work done. These type of build variant is mainly for product release. This type of build variant have less boot time with more secure features. USB debugging is disabled as well as secured.

We can see board files if we enable USB debugging externally, but we cannot mount system partition so we can read but  write or replace the files are not possible because, don’t have any root access

Eng build

These types of build variant are used to build Android Open Source Project (AOSP) for development purpose. By default, this type of build variant have root access. So, here also we see the board file as well as we can read and write the file.

Now a days there are so many charging facilities is there in common place like bus stop, airport as well as railway station. There we can see direct cables for charger. But it is unsecure one. To product your device keeps your charger full setup like charger head as well as cable

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