There is no difference between the Mental Health and Physical Health. While I am starting my carrier I usually work 12 to 14 hours in a day. But I never felt down the health issues like sleepless nights. Once work done, I feel tired and sleepy and I slept well. Now a days, the thing is different because in older days the even if it working long hours the work almost done and no needs to do in home or no needs to worry also. But, now a days the I feel the work continuous so many hours sometimes it is occupy the whole days. Because of this we felt up more tired, body pain as well as no prober sleep.

Once we got experience or full involvement in work the following things will happened more frequently,

  • Start the office work at early
  • Sleep at late night
  • There is no proper exercise
  • There is no relaxation

And one important things from your work style,  in real life also you will see every problem as task and you will make one excel sheet and provide the status. Actually, I am doing like that way.

One of my colleagues easily dominated  those work related stress by doing mountain climbing and travels some of the place whenever he got the time. This is looks like normal but, we need a break from work to improve the mental and physical health as well as to increase the focus of work.

Even I am also feeling the same as I need some complete break from my work. The one beauty thing is I am also started like visiting new places as well as mountain climbing. Start travelling at-least to visit my village and new places frequently.

How to improve the mental health,

This is from my side experience, hope everyone have their own way to make it happy.

  1. Limit your office work that won’t disturb your daily activity
  2. For important personal work take complete leave instead of taking half day permission
  3. Don’t take any work as serious instead of taking every work as opportunities to learn new things. So, you will get the interest instead of fear
  4. Don’t do overnight work just spent time with your family and friends
  5. Visit temple whenever you got the chance. Please leave your mobile in your room
  6. Mediation and Yoga is one of the most important things we should consider in whole life

How to improve the physical health,

The mental health will increase the physical health also. Once you start carrying about your body the real game will start.

Three are the most important to improve your physical health,

  1. Diet
  2. Sleep
  3. Walk – Here also one important things please leave your mobile phone in room

So, this is from my experience. Instead of spending our whole saving for health/ mental problems in feature life. Just spent some little percentage of amount in your present life to increase physical health and mental strength.

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