Let make your resume to avoid like that questions from Job interview, Hope this will help who all are working under following side,

Embedded System

BSP Enginner

Android Automotive


Linux device driver

System/ Kernel Programming

Device Driver

Do you know if you are work in device driver there will be a question come from people.

Did you develop any device driver or just you worked on integration in bug fixes.

  1. If you really worked just tell confidently yes, I worked in device driver development from scratch and start presenting your work/ what you did.
  2. Or  if you are not work you can tell I just worked in integration and bug fixes and not getting chance to develop from scratch.

But this is not the real problem the problem come from your resume when you mentioned the 2nd one then why are mentioning device driver development in resume.

Following are the most import,

  • Platform Device Driver vs Development Device Driver and Dynamic loading device driver vs Static loading Device Driver
  • Direct Memory Access in device driver
  • Interrupt handling in device driver
  • Why device tree we can directly do everything in device driver

So, this is not for device driver and this for all types of software you worked so far.


Come to display, we know the first question raise from people,

Explain about display frame flow in each layer.

And again, this is not for display this will for all peripherals like Camera, WIFI, Bluetooth, USB, Secure Digital CARD (SDCARD),  Enhanced Multi Media Card (EMMC), Power Management Integrated Circuit ( PMIC), Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), General Purpose Input Output (GPIO), Embedded Protocols like Inter-Integrated Circuit (I2C), Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), Controlled Area Network (CAN). Etc.,

Board Bring up

Almost everyone worked in Board bring up if you are the Board Support Package (BSP) Engineer. Hope am I right ?

But the real problem is we are not using any type of debug tools (GDB, Address to Line, JTAG and kdump) which available for cross platform. We just analyze the log and debug accordingly this like time consumption job. If we you those tools, we will debug efficiently without any further issues.

Boot Sequence

You should clear knowledge about Linux, Android and Android Automotive boot sequence. Even though if you are not work above layer like Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL), Services and Application Framework you should have general knowledge on that.

Embedded Tools

The very important and essential thing in resume is Embedded tools. It is look like very simply. I will ask you one question,

Where/which location binary generated and stored in Integrated Development Environment (IDE) ?

And one more question will raise which version you used. So, my suggestion is if you use Embedded tools like Visual Studio, Code Warrior, Trace32, QFIL, MFGTOOL and any other tools you just have a whole knowledge of version, binary location and purpose of the tools.

Hardware knowledge

There are so many processors and controller in market. So, we will not use always the same processor in all project. Now you should know the purpose of each processor and controller in each project. Hardware selection mainly following these factors,

  1. Cost
  2. Support
  3. Purpose

Apart from this we know the hardware interface knowledge of each peripheral what we worked and how it is configured.

Software debugging

Software debugging is not the knowledge it is the skill. If you have this skill you can easily fix any type of issues. You should add in high level what you debug and what you fixed and explain briefly


Finally, Programming knowledge is the must. You should be like a monster in any one of the programming languages. So far I just focused for Board Support Package (BSP) Engineer so, C programming is must as well as general knowledge on CPP is also good. In addition, shells script as well as python script is make you important resource in Market

The first question is from myside,

brief yourself,

So, calm down and give your personal and professional details clearly and slowly, and mentioned the product/manufactures which you are worked as well as what are products available in market. Do not ignore anything for this question. If you are giving impressions as well as confident by explaining yourself you will get your dream job.

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