Over The Air (OTA) Update in Android Automotive  ( Two Wheelers as well as Four Wheelers )

Following topic going to be covered in this article,

  • Over the Air update
  • Full OTA
  • Differential OTA
  • Android 9 OTA update
  • Android 9 to Android 10 OTA update
  • Android 10 OTA update

In additional the following topic will help for OTA generation,

  • Shells Script
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Build Server

Over The Air Update (OTA) in Android Automotive

  • Software update is the feature or technique for patch update, full Operating system update on top of current Operating System.
  • Software update will help multiple users to update the Operating System with latest software which have the new features and bugs fixes.
  • Benefit of software update is no needs to flash Operating System , no needs to replace the current running software.
  • Software update is the option for the user they can accept, or they can ignore.
  • Over the update will happened in 2 ways – Online and Offline
  • Online – Update happened remotely. This will help for users.
  • Offline – Update happened local and for this no need network. Update package from the local driver and this will help for software developers.
update_engine_client –payload=file:///data/ota_package/payload.bin –update \ –headers=”FILE_HASH=v+V12L4V4YEdHH01DkYy9/2yg9QKqcWUaNFwu6Su1po= FILE_SIZE=669048340 METADATA_HASH=nREgeV8upZCewfccL+Kbyh4AxHokd8eKZQdHLeEQWro= METADATA_SIZE=116493″  
  • Old version of Android will update by recovery and new version of Android will update by AB update engine.
  • There are 2 type of software update will be there.

Types of OTA

  1. Full OTA
  2. Differential OTA

Full OTA

Full OTA is the full package with huge size, and it will update all partition. This will help people ignore so many differential OTA.

Full OTA package has entire package and size of package is huge it will update by A partition from B partition by update_engine_client.

  • full OTA updates don’t require a specific existing build to continue.
  • To avoid the flash using flash tools
  • No needs to change the boot switch.
  • Cover all/ missed differential OTA update.
  • Update one version of OS to another version

Differential OTA

Differential OTA is called as Partial OTA and Patch Update. This is will help for Application update, UI/UX update. The size of Differential OTA is small.

Differential OTA package has patches and size of package is small it will update by A partition from B partition by update_engine_client

  • require the user to be running a specific Android build (not just Android version) as they increment in the existing build only.
  • To avoid the full build and flash
  • To avoid the full OTA build and update
  • To reduce the image size and software update time
  • Application update (UI, Settings, etc.)
  • VENDOR, SYSTEM and VBMETA partition update with DTB partition
  • VENDOR, SYSTEM and VBMETA partition update with BOOT partition

Technique to update the Software Update Update Engine is the tool and released by google and this is technique used for software update.

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