AIX Operating System:-
The acronym of AIX is Advanced Interactive eXecutive , which is developed and supported by the world leading technology company IBM. AIX has been developed in C language and the first version has been released on 1986. There are multiple versions has been released and the latest one is that AIX 7.1 TL-3 which is released on 2013 year end.

AIX kernel is the interface with controls hardware along with running process in AIX system. Shell is interface between users with operating system. The data has been stored in AIX operating system in files as well as directories. The kernel type is monolithic and moreover dynamically loadable modules. The default user interface is common desktop environment. Aix has the grater compatibility with application binary which provide confidence to deploy the critical applications in to AIX operating system. Moreover, AIX supports 32-bit as well as 64-bit application programs.

AIX has much range of the utilities such that online documentation and smitty which is AIX only has the utility where other operating system does not have this utility. This is on operating system has been designed for bigger hardware. Each and every AIX operating system is added on features every release.

We are going to talk about following topics in a brief, I am sure I will make you happy sharing by reading this articles.

1) AIX installation how AIX operating system has been installed and different types of installation methods.
2) Software installation, software installation has the two parts one is the file sets another one is fix’s and APAR.
3) AIX booting this is very essential part I hope each one of AIX server administrator should knew about booting , however you many not encounter the issue day to day .
4) Device configuration which is nothing but ODM (Object Data Manager) whereas the ODM is accountable for adding and removing the devices.
5) AIX Logical Volume Manager which manages the disk and storage subsystem this part is very much essential to knew about hence we are going to use day to day operation. AIX LVM is the unique one its user friendly smitty can drag you till end to end. In LVM file system one of the major parts AIX has different types of file systems and unique features as well.
6) Backup and restoration which is the common feature of the all the UNIX feature, but AIX os backup has been called as mksysb and it has many features as well we can look those option later.
7) Performance monitoring and day to day operation such that mail utility, printing, editing files and so on.

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