Cloud Computing Introduction

Cloud Computing: –

Cloud computing is one of the peak subject being discussed in all the technical community forums and it became a very hot skill in IT industry as well. I would like to give some brief about cloud computing and usages.

What is Cloud Computing?

There are multiple versions of definitions available and can be referred ; In a lay man language , cloud computing is a viable service catalogue which is provided to all IT industry and based on their requirements they can avail the services such that Infrastructure as a Service ( Iaas ) , Platform as a Service ( Paas ) and Software as a Service ( Saas).

In other way around , infrastructure ( server along with network )  along with some software components ( Oracle , WebSphere , DB2 , Siebel ,,,,,,,)  ready for usage to avail infrastructure as on required.

You may have a question in your mind is that , how these things are instantly ready . That is where cloud computing plays a role. All the components are grouped together and end user portal given to users to raise a request to get service.

Cloud Computing Category: –

Infrastructure as a Service ( IaaS ) is that simple operating system provided to end user. In back end , different types of hypervisors are virtualized and grouped in a structured way to cut partitions. While design itself server, storage and network virtualization has been planned along with redundancy consideration.

Platform as a Service ( Paas ) is that Operating Systems along with software platforms such that , databases , Web services and Gateway services etc …… here database or web services can be a part of any vendor.

Use Cases: –

Actually, server ( pSeries / xSeries ) hypervisors are virtualized in back end with load balancing with well designed redundancy and fault tolerant.

Use cases can be collected through an assessment, such that hearing from application teams about their requirement and same needs to be drawn and then cloud computing can be implemented.

Why Cloud Computing?
The trend in IT is that, dynamic infrastructure growth where as we are not able to predict demands from customer in-order to fulfill their requirements on prompt. In cloud virtualization technology has been used where as the hardware has been used effectively along with user interface. In normal virtual environment you have to raise a request and VIO administrator fulfills your request. In cloud automated workflows takes care about those request.



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