NIM Resource Resetting

NIM resource de-allocation and resource resting operation done through “NIMESIS” daemon. After completion of installation, NIM client sends current state information to NIM master by using “NIMCLIENT” which calls NIM masters “NIMESIS”. NIMESIS takes care de-allocation all install resources from client object.
NIM resource de-allocation hierarchy:-
1. Removing files from tftp directory, file, and boot image link removal and removing entry from /etc/bootptab.
2. Unexporting NFS resources from client, removing entries from /etc/exports and exporting remaining entries from /etc/exports.
3. Updating NIM database about NIM client object information which consists about: machine state (running or not running) , command result ( success or failure ) and client state ( ready for operation or not running )

STEP 1:- Details about LOCAL-RESTORE machine,

STEP 2:- Resetting LOCAL-RESTORE machine,

STEP 3:- Post reset you could able to see result in “Cstate_result” the operation turned to reset. You could see this from lsnim command,

STEP 4:- Now NIM resources can be de-allocated, smitty menu is smit nim_mac_res which will navigate,


STEP 5:- Smit nim_mac_res
Manage Network Install Resource Allocation
Deallocate Network Install Resources
Select enter after selecting “Deallocate Network Install Resources”,

STEP 6:- Once you enter select your desired machine name , in our scenario select “LOCAL-RESTORE” then enter to proceed,

STEP 7:- After selecting machine you have to allocate NIM resources for de-allocation operation,

STEP 8:- The said machine has, LOCAL-RESTORE-MKSYSB (mksysb), AIX61TL06SP01 (lpp_source) and AIX61TL06SP01_spot (spot). To select the resources use F7 option,

STEP 9:- After selecting resources press enter to complete the operation, which will show you the status about de-allocation,

STEP 10:- Post de-allocation we needs to remove the resources, by using smit nim_rmres,

STEP 11:- Select your appropriate mksysb image LOCAL-RESTORE-MKSYSB and press enter,

STEP 12:- After entering below given screen will be displayed,

STEP 13:- After you enter which will seek your conformation to proceed,

STEP 14:- Fine the result for resource removal,

STEP 15:- After mksysb resource removal , remove NIM client machine as well , through nim_rmmac ,

STEP 16:- Navigate and select your machine which you desired to remove. After selecting LOCAL-RESTORE press enter to proceed,

STEP 17:- Once machine name selected, there is an option to remove NIM machine through forcefully,

STEP 18:- After you enter which will seek your conformation to proceed,

STEP 19:- Once you enter machine entry will be removed from /etc/niminfo file,

STEP 20:- Now you can issue lsnim and machine name to ensure wheatear NIM resetting operation is succeed or not , you could there is no details about machine name which you removed,

STEP 21:- Without fail remove LOCAL-RESTORE entry from /etc/hosts file.

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