IBM Pure Flex System Introduction

IBM Pure Flex Systems : –

IBM PureFlex  hardware which is integrated with entire IT infrastructure components ( Compute nodes ( pSeries / xSeries ) , Network and Storage ) and put together to provide a cloud service. IBM Pure Flex supports heterogeneous processor virtualized hypervisor platform architecture such that Microsoft Hyper-V , Vmware , IBM PowerVM and KVM. Also operating system perspective , it supports AIX , IBM i , Microsoft Windows , Red hat Linux and SUSE as well.

Components of Pure Flex System:-

Top level components :-

1) Compute nodes
2) Storage nodes
3) I/O module
4) IBM Flex System Manager

Components in detail brief:-

1) Chassis – It can accommodate with 14 half wide compute nodes or 7 full wide compute nodes
2) Compute nodes – Power and x86 compute nodes ( p260 , p270 , p460 and x240 ) and compute nodes VIO is pre installed for Linux on POWER.
3) Storage – IBM Flex system V7000 storage which is installed inside the chassis another IBM Storewide V7000 installed on IBM Pure Flex system Rack
4) CMM – Hardware Component has been managed through CMM ( Chassis Management Module )
5) IMM – xSeries compute nodes hardware management ( IMM – Integrated Management Module )
6) FSP – pSeries compute nodes hardware management ( FSP – Flexible Service Processor )
7) I/O Modules – Network and Storage switches which is inside the chassis IBM Pure Flex offers Ethernet , FC , FCoE and infini band as well along with 1 or 10 or 40 Gb speed for ethernet and 8 or 16 Gb speed for Fiber Channel
8) Mez cards – Mez cards are inside the blades
9) FSM – Flux System Manager which is based on xSeries based computing node which shipped as per installed Operating System which occupies a half wide space and it offers system management software to monitor, mange and configure the IBM Pure Flex system.

IBM Flex System Manger is exposed to the cloud software to provision the partition, on top of Flex System Manger Power VM Control would be installed to manage provision, de provision, image management etc….. In actual AIX partition installation happens through Storage Copy Service ( SCS ) or NIM ( Network Installation Manager ) . SCS based image provision is very fast because of actual tracks are getting copied at storage level then the LUN map in to a partition as a SAN bootable disk.

IBM Pure Flex would be very compact one which will fit in to 19 U rack space itself if you does not have external V7000 raid controller. The cooling systems are based on license I mean the exhaust fans would be shipped.

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