AIX Installation Methods

Before we starts the installation techniques , need to ensure that the server suppose to connected with appropriate HMC console and profile suppose to created along with installable input device such that CD or DVD ROM or SCSI or SAS tape drive. Considering that you have profile along with minimal requirement of AIX installation.
There are three command methodology used for AIX installation , first one is that New and Complete Overwrite Installation , second is Migration Installation and third one Preservation installation We can discuss each methodology in brief.
New and Completed Overwrite Installation Method:-
This option has been used whenever you are starting the fresh installation whereas no more installation image available on it else if you want the new operating system on your existing rootvg disk the overwrite option will work which erase all the existing rootvg foot prints it will create the new rootvg , default OS mount points such that / ( root) , /usr , /var and /home , BOS image and additional file sets whatever required to support the operating system and this method will not save or restore the configuration. After completion of installation we have to configure the system.
Migration Installation Method:-
The Migration Installation has been used commonly to upgrade the Operation System from one version to another version. It could be AIX 5.3 to AIX 6.1 or AIX 6.1 to AIX 7.1 where the installation method automatically chose their optional software’s. In this method the new root volume group will not be created but the root mount points will be created which excludes the /home reaming as like. It does the BOS as well as additional file set installation but it this method also will not restore or save the configuration details.
Preservation installation Method:-
Through name itself we can differentiate the Preservation Instillation method from other installation method. Preservation installation method has been used whenever there is the need to preserve the used data in root volume group for that we have to add the entry in to /etc/preserve.list normally it take the input from /etc/filesystems apart from /etc/filesystems we have to make the entry in to /etc/preserve.list. This installation method will not create new root volume group as well as Operating System mount points as well. But , it preserves I mean it will as well it restores the configuration.

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